The Hillary supporters are scratching their heads wondering how Donald could have won. But it's no mystery to anyone with common sense. Hillary didn't address the issues that most middle class Americans were concerned with. She thought that she only had to bash Donald as a groping woman hating pervert to keep the folks from voting for him.
But Hillary should have learned from the history of hubby Bill, that the sex bashing strategy wouldn't work. Back when Bill was president, and the public found out that he got a blow job from Monica Lewinsky in the oval office, Republicans danced with joy thinking his presidency was finished. Instead his popularity increased and high-five-ing Democrat women said that his personal sex life had nothing to do with.his ability to govern.
Duhh, what happened?
Wow!, Bill is cool
Hillary lost because she committed the most egregious (email) security breach in American history.
Hillary lost because she got four Americans killed in Benghazi Libya
Hillary lost because she refuses to call radical Islamists, radical Islamists
Hillary lost because she accepted millions of dollars for the Clinton foundation from gay hating Saudi Arabia.
Hillary lost because she accepted millions of dollars for the Clinton foundation from Jew hating Saudi Arabia.
Hillary lost because she wants to resettle refugees from Syria with the risk of ISIS terrorists among them.
Hillary lost because she is OK with late term abortion.
Hillary lost because she endorses Obama's decree on transgender identity bathrooms.
Hillary lost because she accepted millions of dollars donations from Israel hating, open borders George Soros.
Hillary lost because she sides with Black Lives Matters who chant "what do we want, dead cops"
Hillary lost because she wants open borders.
Hillary lost because she supports sanctuary cities.and Obama's executive actions
Hillary lost because she supports Obama's Iran nuclear deal - Watch this spoof
Hillary lost because she Voter ID requirement abolished because she thinks minorities incapable to get them.
Hillary lost because she sides with the teachers unions in opposing School Choice
- Many of Hillary's supporters are Progressive Democrats; many are totally ignorant of our constitution; many are gimmie-stuff voter and many are the elite Hollywood cheese and wine liberals..Intimidation and physically attacking anyone who doesn't agree with them is a common practice. These democrats believe that violence against Trump supporters is a means that justifies the end. On my block I knew in advance that all my neighbors were Trump supporters. But there wasn't one of them that put a Trump sign out on their lawn. To do so, would get your car tires slashed and your house egged. I took the chance and anti-Trump supporters threw bricks through the back windows of mine and my wife's car. Most Trump supporters work during the day and don't have time to answer phone calls from pollsters. Consequently, millions like those in my neighborhood weren't counted.