From People-in-the-Street interviews, there is strong evidence that many free loading, low information Democrat voters are clueless about how our system of government is supposed to work. This is caused mainly by the left leaning biased mainstream news media (MSM) and "Progressive" college professors.

I won't go into the reason for the electoral voting system,  except to say that it was designed to give some fairness to smaller populated states competing for votes with the larger states.  Each state gets to choose as many electors as the combined total of the number of U.S. senators (always two) plus the number of congressional representatives to which the state is entitled.

The number of representatives a state has is based on the population which is determined by the census. The constitution does not require the census population to be U.S. citizens. For example, the state of California has its number of electoral votes determined by both citizens, legal resident non-citizens, and illegal aliens. The more illegal aliens and legal non-citizen resident aliens, the higher the number of representatives (this is why the open border groups urge illegal aliens to give their information to census takers). Ironically, with the present demographics, a popular vote would more nearly favor Republicans. Here's why: only American citizens would be allowed to vote - illegal aliens and non-citizens would not be involved in the voting process (unless they cheated).

In a system determined by the popular vote, Donald Trump would most likely have won anyway since all illegal aliens and non-citizens would not have been counted. Moreover, campaigning would be tailored to the states with the highest citizen population instead of the so called battleground states.

In the solid blue states like California and New York, many Republican voters don't bother voting because they can't change the electoral vote - so many who would have been counted towards the popular vote, stay home.

As a note of interest: Abraham Lincoln did not get the 1860 popular vote majority, but was elected on the electoral vote.