On immigration, Democrats used to be like Donald Trump
Bill Clinton's 1995 speech on illegal immigration = Donald Trump's Speech of today
Harry Reid's 1993 speech on illegal immigration = Donald Trump's Speech of today
Hillary Clinton used to sound a lot like Donald Trump

So why the change? That's easy. The Democrats always knew that most Hispanics are made-to-order Democrats. With the massive shift in Hispanic demography from the 90's, the hypocritical Democratic politicians knew they could pander and bribe Hispanics for their votes.

Under Hillary, a path to citizenship for the 11 million illegal aliens already here and another 20 million that are sure to "sneak" into the U.S. unopposed in Hillary's first year. There will no longer be a balance of power in our government. The Supreme court will eventually have nine "Ruth Bader Ginsburgs." Like California, we will have a permanent single Democratic party run by a Democratic president who will be virtual dictator.

There will never be another Republican president elected in the foreseeable future.

Many Republicans want to go along with Amnesty and a path to citizenship for illegal aliens because they believe that Hispanic values match Republican values. They believe that with proper outreach, Hispanics will become Republicans.

Let me dispel this myth: Being married to a Mexican immigrant, I agree that many Hispanics share Republican "social" values such as being opposed to abortion. But they don't share Republican political values such as being opposed to a minimum hourly wage. The majority of sparsely educated illegal aliens in our country are not interested in individual liberty (from my many trips to Mexico, I can tell you that Mexicans are a free people who do enjoy individual liberty.) What they don't enjoy, is living in poverty and being poor caused mainly by corrupt government. Most Hispanics from third world countries don't want small government -- they want big government that will take care of them and give them "free" stuff.

I am often asked: "If you were a poor Mexican, wouldn't you sneak into the U.S. so that you could have a better life for you and your family?" My answer is: Yes. If the U.S. invited me, I wouldn't hesitate. Every third world person aspiring to move to the U.S. knows that if you can get past the border, it is virtually legal to be illegal.

Humans, just like animals, have two basic defense systems -- fight or flight. When the choices are to fight your own corrupt government for your rights and a better life or accept America's virtual invitation to migrate illegally with little or no punitive consequences, the choice is clear.

If our immigration laws had always been enforced, Mexicans (and other 3rd worlders) might have made the choice to fight for a better life in their own country.